Impressive Sports Festival "Power of Trang An"

22/07/2019 168 0
In order to promote the movement of physical training and sports, the spirit of health training of employees and simultaneously enhance the spirit of solidarity and collectivism among members of Trang An eco-tourism area, the management board organizes the sports festival "Power of Trang An" in 2019.
The Sports Festival takes place in 2 days with tug-of-war and boat racing. On the morning of July 17, 2019, at the Trang An boat station, the tug of war took place. This is the first part of the "Power of Trang An" Sports Festival. In a lively and thrilling atmosphere, with the spirit of solidarity, after passing 32 teams, the 12th group won the championship with the score in the final 2-0 against the 11st group. The second prize belongs to the group 11, the 21st group gets the third prize and the fourth prize belongs to the group 28.

On the morning of 18 July, the boat crew entered the boat racing section. After nearly 5 hours of exciting competition, the boat emulation part has found the champion of the group 05. The group 01 won the second prize, the third prize belonged to the group 08 and the 16th group won the fourth prize.


After 02 days of exciting competition, with more than 500 athletes who are boatmen, Trang An eco-tourism officials and employees, the "Power of Trang An" Sports Festival has been successful, creating a healthy competition, contributing to encouraging employees to work hard and achieve high efficiency./.
Some photos at the "Power of Trang An" Sports Festival

Source: Trans: Hai Van, Photo: Xuan Lam

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