Charm of "Milky Way in the Mountain"

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Located in the World Heritage area - Trang An landscapes complex, Thien Ha grotto eco-tourism area is an attractive destination with fanciful, unspoiled beauty. This place has been associated with many tourists such as "stone castle" or "galaxy in the heart of the mountain".

Discovered in 2007, Thien Ha grotto eco-tourism area consists of Thien Thanh and Thien Ha caves, which are hidden in the mountain range of General, in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. In the 10th century, this mountain range served as a front guard to guard the southwest of the capital of Hoa Lu during the reign of King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh, in association with the places of historical significance. and culture such as: Nha Le Marina, Dau Son Buddha Mountain, Dau Linh Fields ...



Thien Thanh cave is a dry cave, not very big, just over 50m in length, but the beauty in the cave must make people admire and enjoy it like a "stone castle". The position and surface of stalagmites and stalactites have contributed to the depth and abundance of the cave. The stalactites with different shapes, white as snow, sparkling, fuzzy, layered layers from the top of the cave down to the foot of the cave, forming shapeless shading curtains.

A few hundred meters from Thien Thanh cave, 700m long Thien Ha cave consists of a 200m long dry cave and 500m long water cave. The dynamic exploration journey begins with a dry part with a width of about 40m, a length of 200m. When entering the door, visitors will not be overwhelmed by the shimmering, fanciful beauty of the stalactite system is extremely unique, has great value in geology and geomorphology. Going deep into the space, the space is enlarged and magnificent with all-round stone stalactites evoking rich imagination of each person. Not only that, the cool air in the cave also dispels the feeling of suffocating and sultry outside.



In the dry cave, there is also a door to the southern ridge, called the sky. This is where Thien Ha cave interferes with the outside world. The sun from the top of the mountain poured sunbeams into the dynamic floor like a halo, making the space open and airy. According to the conception of the Eastern people, this is the harmony between heaven and earth, making the universe of the universe multiply and bloom. On sunny days, the light reflected in the stalactites, giving off fanciful colors.


This area of ​​the Sky also retains many vestiges of the ancient Vietnamese, living about 7,500 - 10,000 years ago. Here, scientists find traces of mollusks, chipped tools, pieces of ghosts and terrestrial animal bones ... The prehistoric people here have lived and fully exploited in the environment. sea ​​progress. The cultural layer preserved almost intact in Thien Ha grotto shows a vivid picture of the life of the ancient Vietnamese people with the adaptation and creativity of cultural inhabitants before and after the sea goes through the sea recession period. in the New Stone Age.

Go all the dry part, visitors will get into the boat to explore the water cave. The 500m-long underground river is likened to a spiraling strip of galaxies, smoking like endless with layers of pure marble-like stalactites. The deeper you go inside, the more you are attracted by the beauty of thousands of stone masterpieces created by meticulous hand-carved and arranged hands, with legends about Hoa Tien Island, Mother's Milk Gourd...

According to research by British scientists, Thien Ha grotto is a living cave complex. Because the development of geological layers here is still going strong. The most obvious is that the development of stalagmites in the cave is still being worn out by continuous drops of water to form magnificent and magical stalactites. In particular, the cave almost remains intact with thousands of bats living.

Thien Ha grotto eco-tourism area - a masterpiece bestowed by nature, where imprinted the perfect beauty of nature. This will surely be an unforgettable journey for those who love to explore caves when coming back to Ninh Binh./.

source: Trans: Ngoc Anh; Photo: Xuan Lam - NBTPIC

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